David Foss

Artist’s Statement

Fields and Structures

In this time of great uncertainty and change, I have creatively returned to notions of simplicity, control, and beauty in my recent abstract paintings and sculptures. For this current exhibition, my artworks focus on balancing line, texture, structure and open space to create dynamic compositions. I want to set a mood of order and quiet contemplation, a state of mind away from the stress of everyday life.

My artworks are intuitive and spontaneously record my feelings of the moment. In a state of focused concentration, I use brushes and sponge rollers to draw the cool pastel colors across the canvas. Then by scraping through the layers of paint, I build up a tension between geometric lines and open fields of color to achieve a certain equilibrium. The fields of color relate to the pleasures of the natural environment as the line structures reflect upon the order of the urban, man-made environment.

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