Miriam Singer

Artist’s Statement

Endless Day

Endless Day features drawings (2012 -2014) that look perceptually at multiple locations in Philadelphia and are then worked through memory, eventually becoming a fictional cityscape created with a playful approach. I walk by the river and explore streets, describe noise and time through a stacking of shapes, color, and repetitive patterns. Squares provide the basic measurement of this imagined urban landscape in which a finished and unfinished moment in time coexist on the same field. Sometimes it may appear as a crowded future, only without people, or it may appear empty, like something from the distant past.

One day is added to the next day with markers, pencil, prints, glue, and paint, and imagery is added from smaller drawings, intaglio, screen prints, and sketchbooks. A fragmented day or a day that merged into the next are represented by a visual labyrinth of shapes. A drawing I made in the park yesterday changes drastically tomorrow. In the beginning my process is additive, but often the drawing increases in density and I hide and remove imagery and color. I am interested expressing the fragmentation of a fictional city as a collage of noise, pattern, and density. The city metaphorically building and disappearing at once, as a metaphor for the way time changes and fluctuates.

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