Jung Wha Ahn

Artist’s Statement

The abstract forms I create may at a glance be seen as mere contemplations reflective of nature, but it is in essence the dialogue of my life experiences as well as a confession of my inner thirst, longing, hopes, and sorrows. I rely on my inner wellspring of feelings and experiences, rooting from the past and present in order to transform my canvases into finished pieces.

At times, my nebulous emotions are revealed only through or during the process of painting. Even the ugliness of pain, fear, anger, and sadness can become beautiful revelations when I use them as positive benchmarks of enlightenment in my life.

My paintings reveal this wisdom to me. The marks in my work that I have the most difficult time with, i.e. the very areas that I want to get rid of or cover up, give the most character when I finally accept them as a part of the painting and try to work with it. Thus, the symbiotic relationship I have with my work is crucial to me.

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