Donna Usher

Artist’s Statement

The The Contemplation paintings are about the connectivity found within the nature of the universe from the spiral nebulae to the spiral of a chambered nautilus. This awareness is expressed through references to nature’s rhythms, patterns, colors, shapes and textures, which form a visual synthesis of compositions for the paintings. Non-traditional tools such as the palms of the hands, arm swipes, sponges, metal stylists, paint markers, alcohol and other substances are used with the paint.

It is this contemplation of the sublime beauty of the natural universe through our senses that we find peace and comfort; for in the end we are all made of stardust.

The 2014 exhibition, Contemplation, is dedicated to my mother, Arvilla Reynolds Usher for her unwavering commitment to her children’s’ actualization of their potential through a sense of adventure and a strong obligation to perseverance.

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