Rebecca Jacoby

Artist’s Statement

: not following a short direct route; circuitous

The work in Roundabout stems from drawings of interlocking forms that I began making in 2011. Starting from that impulsive and natural place, the imagery expanded from a preoccupation with pebble, stone and cellular-like imagery, which has appeared in my work for many years. The shapes morphed, grew and took on varying qualities through the use of a range of media, surface and scale, and due to my ongoing desire not to limit myself to one medium, but rather to create a well-“rounded” artistic practice.

Process, a continuing theme in my work, is an important aspect of Roundabout. Weaving lines of ink and paint with pen or brush; varying size, shape, color and texture; re-purposing a drawing, piece of canvas or “relic” into a larger work – these processes are therapeutic, hypnotic, even addictive. The obsessive quality of the work is obvious, but far from feeling a need to “quit” the addiction, my goal remains to keep the imagery moving forward toward new phases of visual perspective.

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