Seonglan Kim Boyce

Artist’s Statement

My inspiration comes from observing nature; its physical wonders and beauty, its rhythm and subtlety, its power and spirit. I try to capture the silent harmony and balance of the divergent expressions of life.

To bring out this equalizing force, I work with simple geometric elements. I pay close attention to the relationships of individual components while emphasizing the uniqueness of a color, the length and thickness of lines and the dimension of planes. All spaces, including the negative space, are brought  to the surface, thereby minimizing a sense of pictorial depth. I want a certain feeling of immediacy to be present in the painting.

I like outdoor spaces that appear to be unoccupied and open. My painting starts with a memory of a specific space. It gives me structural references and emotional content. I try to construct a space that is even, balanced, immediate and open. In the painting I want a sense of time, yet still and silent.

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