Alex Queral

Artist’s Statement

I paint with line and color or line and tone because I enjoy the challenge of trying to create a visually compelling piece within very limited parameters. It’s kind of like knowing only one language, but learning to use that language to its fullest potential for expression. The work hints at or alludes to a primordial, pre-elemental, pre-geometric “world” where light particles are bouncing about and colliding at high speed. As they do so, they leave a line in their wake that will eventually, in some future time, coalesce with others to create the first square, triangle, and other rectilinear shapes. In this existence, the curvilinear line has yet to occur.

I particularly like Roberta Fallon’s statement in regards to my work “…the hard-edged work, begun by laying down a line and responding intuitively, evokes the patience of nature building a whole from an accumulation of small events over time.”

Wish I had thought of that.

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